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iBorrow is a nationwide lender that is committed to solving our borrowers’ needs when traditional financing is not an option. We offer individually tailored solutions for borrowers on all commercial real estate property types across the United States, including retail, hotel and senior living properties. Our loans are non-recourse and our underwriting focus is on the collateral, not the borrower. iBorrow can work with many issues that traditional lenders may shy away from, including complex loan structures, non-stabilized collateral (value add, construction completion, etc.), substandard borrower credit scores, quick closing needs, and other issues. iBorrow’s typical loans include the following terms and features: first trust deed collateral position, terms from 6-month to 3-years, interest rates beginning at 6.95% fixed interest-only, Funding amounts from $3-100 million, Loan-to-Value up to 72%, structured reserves depending on circumstances. iBorrow can close loans in as little as 2 weeks. We do not have DSCR constraints on our loans. Our loans are non-recourse, subject to customary carveouts. iBorrow is happy to be able to offer creative, individualized solutions for our borrowers! We look forward to assisting you with your commercial real estate financing needs!

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  • Nationwide except: AK, FL, IN, IA, KS, NY, ND, OH, SD, WV

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