Gravity Capital LLC

531 E. 770 N.
Orem, Utah 84097

About Us

Gravity Capital specializes in Alternative Financing (Non-institutional) secured by all Real Estate. We have no credit requirements, no appraisals required, and can provide fast closings in all 50 states. We cater to all borrowers, including those who have time constraints and need funding quickly, past credit problems including bankruptcies and no tax returns are acceptable. Feel free to send an address with property information. Which might include sq footage, lot size, rental income etc.

We have been known to lend on judgements, jets, exotic cars, and boats. Will consider acquiring debt as well. We can be as creative as needed.

What We Offer

Lending Territory
  • Nationwide
Loan Types
  • Prime Commercial
  • Commercial Private Money
  • Construction
Loan Amounts
  • $20K-$5M
Max Ltv
  • 60% Max

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